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57 icon sets

6741 unique icon designs

10749 icons

111138 icon images

206380 icon files

GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO formats

Compatible with iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Every handcrafted icon is supplied in a number of resolutions (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 pixels), color depths (32- and 8-bit versions available), formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG) and has an impressive level of detail and visual appeal, so rest assured your interfaces will be vivid, clear and unambiguous! You can use these icons in various operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android), on computers or iPhone, for web design, software development, blogs, forums, etc.

Save your time and money and get all icons immediately after order placement.

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 Coronavirus Outbreak Icons - 227 icons

Coronavirus Outbreak Icons

 Business Bicolor Icons - 153 icons

Business Bicolor Icons

 Basic Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 186 icons

Basic Icons for Vista

 Windows 7/Windows Toolbar Icons - 281 icons

Windows Toolbar Icons

 Financial Icon Library for Windows 7/Vista - 290 icons

Financial Icon Library for Vista

 Network Icon Library for Windows 7/Vista - 372 icons

Network Icon Library for Vista

 Messenger Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 180 icons

Messenger Icons for Vista

 Large Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 306 icons

Large Icons for Vista

 People Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 359 icons

People Icons for Vista

 Travel Icon Set - 166 icons

Travel Icon Set

 Multimedia Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 309 icons

Multimedia Icons for Vista

 Business Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 201 icons

Business Icons for Vista

 Transport Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 116 icons

Transport Icons for Vista

 Medical Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 360 icons

Medical Icons for Vista

 Blog Icons for Windows 7/Vista - 74 icons

Blog Icons for Vista

 Toolbar Icon Set - 263 icons

Toolbar Icon Set

 Business Icon Set - 254 icons

Business Icon Set

 Transport Icon Set - 129 icons

Transport Icon Set

 Money Icon Set - 87 icons

Money Icon Set

 E-mail Icon Set - 101 icons

E-mail Icon Set

 Security Icon Set - 219 icons

Security Icon Set

 Science Icon Set - 168 icons

Science Icon Set

 Medical Icon Set - 185 icons

Medical Icon Set

 Graphic Icon Set - 172 icons

Graphic Icon Set

 Smile Icon Set - 79 icons

Smile Icon Set

 Design Icon Set - 345 icons

Design Icon Set

 Navigation Icon Set - 118 icons

Navigation Icon Set

 Folder Icon Set - 68 icons

Folder Icon Set

 Music Icon Library - 118 icons

Music Icon Library

 Hardware Icon Library - 87 icons

Hardware Icon Library

 Food Icon Library - 85 icons

Food Icon Library

 Car Icon Library - 75 icons

Car Icon Library

 Word Icon Library - 120 icons

Word Icon Library

 Sport Icons - 53 icons

Sport Icons

 Fire Toolbar Icons - 141 icons

Fire Toolbar Icons

 i-Commerce Icon Set - 164 icons

i-Commerce Icon Set

 Professional Icon Set - 96 icons

Professional Icon Set

 Military Icon Set - 103 icons

Military Icon Set

 Database Icon Set - 177 icons

Database Icon Set

 Artistic Toolbar Icons - 131 icons

Artistic Toolbar Icons

 Health Care Icons - 162 icons

Health Care Icons

 Online Icon Set - 405 icons

Online Icon Set

 Phone Icon Library - 147 icons

Phone Icon Library

 Business Software Icons - 310 icons

Business Software Icons

 Stock Toolbar Icons - 132 icons

Stock Toolbar Icons

 Database Software Icons - 74 icons

Database Software Icons

 Paper Icon Library - 97 icons

Paper Icon Library

 Space Icons - 53 icons

Space Icons

 Love Icon Set - 67 icons

Love Icon Set

 Web Icon Library - 210 icons

Web Icon Library

 Search Icon Library - 19 icons

Search Icon Library

 Job Icon Set - 76 icons

Job Icon Set

 Blue Icon Library - 132 icons

Blue Icon Library

 Classic Hardware Icon Set - 117 icons

Classic Hardware Icon Set

 3D Printing Icons - 65 icons

3D Printing Icons

 Color Flat Icons - 280 icons

Color Flat Icons

 Flat Database Icons - 170 icons

Flat Database Icons

 Social LongShadow Icons - 91 icons

Social LongShadow Icons
To place an order, simply fill in the online purchase form and the registration information detailing the use of the icons will be sent to you immediately via e-mail.
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The secrets to choosing the best icon software for personal use

This is an aspect making the use of the icon software very important. The software helps one in the making of the best icons for tools and library. This can give customer acceptance on the application.

With tons of icon software available in the market, it can be a hard thing when it comes to the choosing of the best one to meet the desired needs. However, making a few considerations can significantly alleviate the maze. Here are some of the aspects to look at in the target software.

The interface of the icon software matters a lot. Most of the developers are using the best interfaces, which accommodate all the desired applications. However, not all the interfaces are friendly. It should therefore be a priority to select the software that offers the most user friendly interface. This will help in easing the use as well as perfecting on it within a short period of time.

The output and the input features should also be countered. The icon software basically requires the uploading of images so as to facilitate the development of the custom icons. However, the range of input options available varies a lot. The best software should be able to accept a variety of images as well as other files for the best performance. The output format should also be supported by a variety of operating systems for the best results.

The conversion or the development process should never take much time. In most cases, the most complicated software takes much of the computer memory and therefore slowing the performance. It is important that one gets the icon software that is supported by the computer in use. This will help avoid delays and ensure the fastest work output.

The cost should come last. This should be done after ensuring that all the desired features are present. You can then negotiate.