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Windows 7 large icons
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Large Icons for Vista and Windows 7

Splendid Vista-Like Icons Will Spice up Your Software and Make it Look Really Familiar

The latest OS, Microsoft Windows 7 is consistently recognized for its beautiful interface and incredibly convenient layout. Such popularity should be taken into account. With Large Icons for Windows 7, your application or site will reach the same excellence.

Keep up with the Trends
Large Icons for Windows 7 gives a great opportunity to gain authority and attract customers' attention. In a short-range outlook, Windows 7 will become a choice of millions and millions computer users. It goes without saying that if your website or program has common traits with Windows 7's interface, the familiar appearance will attract a reasonable amount of people. Sleek and polished icons designed Windows 7 style will provide you with a serious benefit. By boosting Windows 7 users' confidence in your project, you'll get an important competitive edge.

More Persuasive, Attractive and Bright
The talented hands of designers worked pretty elaborate to craft, vivid and eye-catching icons. Smooth with well-rounded edges and rich colored palette, they are simply perfect. Superb in their quality and design, these icons will provide top visual appearance to any application or site. Also the icons will attract the attention thanks to the stylistic bond with Windows 7. Look at design in perspective and make the most of these icons crafted in Windows 7 manner.

Any Kind of Format, Size and Color
Icons come in all popular formats and sizes, so you'll certainly find the one suiting your needs. These adorable icons come in two versions: casting a shadow or without it. The icons are delivered in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and also 256x256 used for Windows Windows 7. The icons come in two color variants: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. They also have several file formats, such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP.
Folder icons
Folder XP icons
Folder XP
Open file icons
Open file
Up folder icons
Up folder
Save icons
Save SH icons
Save SH
Save all icons
Save all
Save all SH icons
Save all SH
Save as icons
Save as
Save as SH icons
Save as SH
Floppy disk icons
Floppy disk
Floppy disk SH icons
Floppy disk SH
Save file icons
Save file
Save file SH icons
Save file SH
Search icons
Search SH icons
Search SH
Magnifier icons
Magnifier SH icons
Magnifier SH
Zoom icons
Zoom SH icons
Zoom SH
Zoom in icons
Zoom in
Zoom in SH icons
Zoom in SH
Zoom out icons
Zoom out
Zoom out SH icons
Zoom out SH
Zoom in v2 icons
Zoom in v2
Zoom out v2 icons
Zoom out v2
Recycle bin icons
Recycle bin
Recycle bin SH icons
Recycle bin SH
Full recycle bin icons
Full recycle bin
Full recycle bin SH icons
Full recycle bin SH
Find icons
Find SH icons
Find SH
Find previous icons
Find previous
Find previous SH icons
Find previous SH
Find next icons
Find next
Find next SH icons
Find next SH
Refresh icons
Refresh SH icons
Refresh SH
Replace icons
Replace SH icons
Replace SH
Eraser icons
Gray eraser icons
Gray eraser
Insert icons
Delete icons
Warning icons
Info icons
Hint icons
Support icons
Help icons
Help SH icons
Help SH
Problem icons
Problem SH icons
Problem SH
Multiple problems icons
Multiple problems
Multiple problems SH icons
Multiple problems SH
Registered problem icons
Registered problem
Registered problem SH icons
Registered problem SH
Out of service icons
Out of service
Out of service SH icons
Out of service SH
Boss icons
Boss SH icons
Boss SH
User icons
User SH icons
User SH
Users icons
Users SH icons
Users SH
User group icons
User group
User group SH icons
User group SH
Engineer icons
Engineer SH icons
Engineer SH
Staff icons
Staff SH icons
Staff SH
Customers icons
Customers SH icons
Customers SH
Policeman icons
Policeman SH icons
Policeman SH
Spy icons
Spy SH icons
Spy SH
Doctor icons
Doctor SH icons
Doctor SH
Conference icons
Conference SH icons
Conference SH
Party icons
Party SH icons
Party SH
Large group icons
Large group
Large group SH icons
Large group SH
Fast back icons
Fast back
Play back icons
Play back
Play forward icons
Play forward
Fast forward icons
Fast forward
Fast back v2 icons
Fast back v2
Play back v2 icons
Play back v2
Play forward v2 icons
Play forward v2
Fast forward v2 icons
Fast forward v2
Red pencil icons
Red pencil
Red pencil SH icons
Red pencil SH
Document icons
Document SH icons
Document SH
Edit document icons
Edit document
Edit document SH icons
Edit document SH
Close document icons
Close document
Close document SH icons
Close document SH
Export icons
Export SH icons
Export SH
Import icons
Import SH icons
Import SH
Page options icons
Page options
Page options SH icons
Page options SH
Objects v2 icons
Objects v2
Objects v2 SH icons
Objects v2 SH
Objects icons
Road icons
Data transmission icons
Data transmission
Next icons
Graph icons
Chart xy icons
Chart xy
Filter icons
Filters icons
Red pin icons
Red pin
Red pin SH icons
Red pin SH
Purple pin icons
Purple pin
Purple pin SH icons
Purple pin SH
Orange pin icons
Orange pin
Orange pin SH icons
Orange pin SH
Pink pin icons
Pink pin
Pink pin SH icons
Pink pin SH
Yellow pin icons
Yellow pin
Yellow pin SH icons
Yellow pin SH
Blue pin icons
Blue pin
Blue pin SH icons
Blue pin SH
Green pin icons
Green pin
Green pin SH icons
Green pin SH
Pointer icons
Hand icons
Handshake icons
Bad mark icons
Bad mark
Good mark icons
Good mark
OK icons
Palm icons
Fingers icons
Petition icons
Index icons
Real Earth icons
Real Earth
Square Earth icons
Square Earth
Internet application icons
Internet application
Binoculars icons
Internet icons
Internet SH icons
Internet SH
Compass icons
Compass SH icons
Compass SH
3d scanner icons
3d scanner
3d scanner SH icons
3d scanner SH
Tower model icons
Tower model
Tower model SH icons
Tower model SH
3d printing icons
3d printing
3d printing SH icons
3d printing SH
3d printer icons
3d printer
3d printer SH icons
3d printer SH
3d scanning icons
3d scanning
3d scanning SH icons
3d scanning SH
Manage views icons
Manage views
Postage stamp icons
Postage stamp
Pie chart icons
Pie chart
Pie chart SH icons
Pie chart SH
Bar chart icons
Bar chart
Bar chart SH icons
Bar chart SH
Cylinder chart icons
Cylinder chart
Cylinder chart SH icons
Cylinder chart SH
Demography icons
Demography SH icons
Demography SH
3d bar chart icons
3d bar chart
3d bar chart SH icons
3d bar chart SH
Crystal sphere icons
Crystal sphere
Crystal sphere SH icons
Crystal sphere SH
Tip of the day icons
Tip of the day
Tip of the day SH icons
Tip of the day SH
Light bulb icons
Light bulb
Light bulb SH icons
Light bulb SH
Juce icons
Juce SH icons
Juce SH
Letter A icons
Letter A
Letter A SH icons
Letter A SH
Letter Z icons
Letter Z
Letter Z SH icons
Letter Z SH
SQL icons
SQL SH icons
Data container icons
Data container
Data container SH icons
Data container SH
No data icons
No data
No data SH icons
No data SH
Backup archive icons
Backup archive
Backup archive SH icons
Backup archive SH
Camera icons
Camera SH icons
Camera SH
Webcam icons
Webcam SH icons
Webcam SH
LCD monitor icons
LCD monitor
LCD monitor SH icons
LCD monitor SH
TV icons
TV SH icons
Telephone icons
Telephone SH icons
Telephone SH
Phone icons
Phone SH icons
Phone SH
Red phone icons
Red phone
Red phone SH icons
Red phone SH
Volume icons
Volume SH icons
Volume SH
Volume up icons
Volume up
Volume up SH icons
Volume up SH
Volume down icons
Volume down
Volume down SH icons
Volume down SH
Register icons
Register SH icons
Register SH
Key icons
Key SH icons
Key SH
Lock icons
Lock SH icons
Lock SH
Unlock icons
Unlock SH icons
Unlock SH
Locked users icons
Locked users
Locked users SH icons
Locked users SH
Lock v2 icons
Lock v2
Lock v2 SH icons
Lock v2 SH
Unlock v2 icons
Unlock v2
Unlock v2 SH icons
Unlock v2 SH
Lock v3 icons
Lock v3
Lock v3 SH icons
Lock v3 SH
Wedding icons
Wedding SH icons
Wedding SH
Money icons
Money SH icons
Money SH
Cardfile icons
Cardfile SH icons
Cardfile SH
Open mail icons
Open mail
Open mail SH icons
Open mail SH
Mail icons
Mail SH icons
Mail SH
Send mail icons
Send mail
Send mail SH icons
Send mail SH
Music icons
Music SH icons
Music SH
Multimedia icons
Multimedia SH icons
Multimedia SH
Juke box icons
Juke box
Juke box SH icons
Juke box SH
Calendar icons
Calendar Sh icons
Calendar Sh
Time icons
Time SH icons
Time SH
Clock icons
Clock SH icons
Clock SH
Hourglass icons
Hourglass SH icons
Hourglass SH
History icons
History SH icons
History SH
Scheduled icons
Scheduled SH icons
Scheduled SH
Ammunition icons
Ammunition SH icons
Ammunition SH
Shell icons
Shell SH icons
Shell SH
Helmet icons
Helmet SH icons
Helmet SH
Red button icons
Red button
Red button SH icons
Red button SH
Trailer icons
Trailer SH icons
Trailer SH
Car icons
Car SH icons
Car SH
Book icons
Book SH icons
Book SH
Books icons
Books SH icons
Books SH
Library icons
Library SH icons
Library SH
Red book icons
Red book
Red book SH icons
Red book SH
Monitor icons
Monitor SH icons
Monitor SH
Robot icons
Robot SH icons
Robot SH
Gear icons
Gear SH icons
Gear SH
Registry icons
Registry SH icons
Registry SH
Wrench icons
Wrench SH icons
Wrench SH
Chip icons
Chip SH icons
Chip SH
Send to phone icons
Send to phone
Send to phone SH icons
Send to phone SH
Cell phone icons
Cell phone
Cell phone SH icons
Cell phone SH
Export from phone icons
Export from phone
Export from phone SH icons
Export from phone SH
Calculator icons
Calculator SH icons
Calculator SH
ATM icons
ATM SH icons
Account ID icons
Account ID
Account ID SH icons
Account ID SH
Income icons
Income SH icons
Income SH
Credit cards icons
Credit cards
VISA card icons
VISA card
Upload icons
Download icons
Write e-mail icons
Write e-mail
Home icons
Home SH icons
Home SH
Closed door icons
Closed door
Closed door SH icons
Closed door SH
No exit icons
No exit
No exit SH icons
No exit SH
Open door icons
Open door
Open door SH icons
Open door SH
Exit icons
 Download demo icons

 Purchase this icon set now!

You can also buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually. Please contact us with the icon names you wish to purchase and we will process your order immediately. (Note: Minimum purchase is 3 icons.)

 Purchase individual icons for $1.00 now!

You can order a collection of icons with only some of the available sizes, e.g. 24x24 and 32x32. In this case you will get a discount off the usual price.

All of the icons above are available in the following image formats:

Large Icons for Vista - Example

Large Icons for Vista - Example

Swift 3D is Responsible for the Designs of the Icons!

These days, it is an excitement to involve in the swift 3D modeling. It is so simple to make a swift 3D for a product. However, the swift 3D modeling can be accomplished in four sorts of steps like front design, left design, top design and preservative design. Among all designs, the preservative design is slight critical because while you can design the preservative side, you need to match lines and pixels grid and it can be accomplished manually. If you are looking for the past scenario, you can find the designers were produced the icons in 32x32 and 48x48 scales. Today, everything has been changed and icon designers have produced the icons in 256x256 scales for Windows vista and XP. If you want to design the icons in range of 256x256 scales, then you need to learn about swift 3D. In this regard, you easily fulfill your requirements easily.

Icons in the Windows Vista may have the maximum size of 256 ? 256! This will not be ignored and being the supporter of illustrative approach, I would prefer retaining a privilege to apply the highlights, shades as well as all visual things good by myself, however I am set to accept the help in building 3D "skeleton". So, let the result of the 3D modeling be the half finished illustration set for the completion in the vector based editor. Are there any tools in proper place allowing so?
  • Swift 3D
  • finalToon
  • Illustrate!
First two products need 3DS MAX that is very painful and price to enter world of the 3D icon modeling is a way very high. What about the Mac users? The interface designers like working on the Macs, as well as they have the reason to.

Ready Button Image Packages

Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

 Icon Usage Agreement

Large Weather Icons Large Weather Icons depict a number of weather conditions that are common for software, weather Web sites, and mobile gadgets. The images come in all resolutions standard to Windows, Mac OS, and other systems. The biggest versions are huge 512x512 pixel images with vector sources in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format easily affordable and ready to be printed or used in presentations in highest resolution.

Transport Icon Set Transport Icon Set. A library of colorful and distinctive icons depicting all transport types for the transport and travel industries.

Messenger Icons for Vista The Vista Messenger icon set is an excellent pack of icons that will breathe new life into your communications with friends across the world! The set is perfect for Vista with up to 256x256 sizes!

Business Icon Set Business Icon Set. A collection of all-purpose icons with various symbols for the business environment for use with your software or on your website.

Windows Toolbar Icons Windows Toolbar Icons. A collection of practical and eye catching icons representing all basic operations required for surfing the internet or using various applications.