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Messenger Icons for Windows 7 delivers a set of rich-colored icons for e-mail and fast message software (like ICQ). The collection includes icons with messages, smiles. These icons will come in handy for creating first-class toolbars. Make your software shine with fine icons.

The set is crafted in Windows 7 style making it up-to-date and suitable for Windows-oriented software. Icons have variants with and without shadows. They come in BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF formats in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 in 256 colors and 32-bit with transparency.

Messenger Icons for Windows 7/Vista

Message icons
Message SH icons
Message SH
Blue message icons
Blue message
Blue message SH icons
Blue message SH
Yellow message icons
Yellow message
Yellow message SH icons
Yellow message SH
Red message icons
Red message
Red message SH icons
Red message SH
Messages icons
Messages SH icons
Messages SH
New message icons
New message
New message SH icons
New message SH
Edit message icons
Edit message
Edit message SH icons
Edit message SH
Delete message icons
Delete message
Delete message SH icons
Delete message SH
Delayed message icons
Delayed message
Delayed message SH icons
Delayed message SH
Approve message icons
Approve message
Approve message SH icons
Approve message SH
Decline message icons
Decline message
Decline message SH icons
Decline message SH
Get message icons
Get message
Get message SH icons
Get message SH
Send message icons
Send message
Send message SH icons
Send message SH
Next message icons
Next message
Next message SH icons
Next message SH
Previous message icons
Previous message
Previous message SH icons
Previous message SH
Import message icons
Import message
Import message SH icons
Import message SH
Export message icons
Export message
Export message SH icons
Export message SH
Html message icons
Html message
Html message SH icons
Html message SH
Infected message icons
Infected message
Infected message SH icons
Infected message SH
Multimedia message icons
Multimedia message
Multimedia message SH icons
Multimedia message SH
Sound message icons
Sound message
Sound message SH icons
Sound message SH
Mail icons
Mail SH icons
Mail SH
Open mail icons
Open mail
Open mail SH icons
Open mail SH
Read mail icons
Read mail
Read mail SH icons
Read mail SH
Read message icons
Read message
Read message SH icons
Read message SH
Receive mail icons
Receive mail
Receive mail SH icons
Receive mail SH
Send mail icons
Send mail
Send mail SH icons
Send mail SH
Write e-mail icons
Write e-mail
Write e-mail SH icons
Write e-mail SH
Attach icons
Attach SH icons
Attach SH
Update icons
Update SH icons
Update SH
Text data icons
Text data
Text data SH icons
Text data SH
Reports icons
Reports SH icons
Reports SH
Roll icons
Roll SH icons
Roll SH
List icons
List SH icons
List SH
Notes icons
Notes SH icons
Notes SH
Client list icons
Client list
Client list SH icons
Client list SH
Address book icons
Address book
Address book SH1 icons
Address book SH1
E-mail book icons
E-mail book
E-mail book SH icons
E-mail book SH
E-mail symbol icons
E-mail symbol
E-mail symbol SH icons
E-mail symbol SH
Certificate icons
Certificate SH icons
Certificate SH
Folder icons
Folder SH icons
Folder SH
Properties icons
Properties SH icons
Properties SH
Help icons
Help SH icons
Help SH
Time icons
Time SH icons
Time SH
History icons
History SH icons
History SH
Schedule icons
Schedule SH icons
Schedule SH
Internet icons
Internet SH icons
Internet SH
Search computer icons
Search computer
Search computer SH icons
Search computer SH
Visual communication icons
Visual commu- nication
Visual communication SH icons
Visual commu- nication SH
Data transfer icons
Data transfer
Data transfer SH icons
Data transfer SH
Internet access icons
Internet access
Internet access SH icons
Internet access SH
Lock icons
Lock SH icons
Lock SH
Unlock icons
Unlock SH icons
Unlock SH
Open lock icons
Open lock
Open lock SH icons
Open lock SH
Locked user icons
Locked user
Locked user SH icons
Locked user SH
Users folders icons
Users folders
Users folders SH icons
Users folders SH
Add users icons
Add users
Add users SH icons
Add users SH
Remove user icons
Remove user
Remove user SH icons
Remove user SH
Check user icons
Check user
Check user SH icons
Check user SH
Key keeper icons
Key keeper
Key keeper SH icons
Key keeper SH
Login icons
Login SH icons
Login SH
User info icons
User info
User info SH icons
User info SH
Logout icons
Logout SH icons
Logout SH
People contact icons
People contact
People contact SH icons
People contact SH
People contacts icons
People contacts
People contacts SH icons
People contacts SH
People online icons
People online
People online SH icons
People online SH
Search contacts icons
Search contacts
Search contacts SH icons
Search contacts SH
Voice chat icons
Voice chat
Voice chat SH icons
Voice chat SH
Online icons
Online SH icons
Online SH
Offline icons
Offline SH icons
Offline SH
Smile icons
Smile SH icons
Smile SH
Depression icons
Depression SH icons
Depression SH
Handshake icons
Handshake SH icons
Handshake SH
Login form icons
Login form
Login form SH icons
Login form SH
Options icons
Options SH icons
Options SH
Settings icons
Settings SH icons
Settings SH
Recycling icons
Recycling SH icons
Recycling SH
Volume icons
Volume SH icons
Volume SH
Volume down icons
Volume down
Volume down SH icons
Volume down SH
Volume up icons
Volume up
Volume up SH icons
Volume up SH
No sound icons
No sound
No sound  SH icons
No sound SH
Mobile sound icons
Mobile sound
Mobile sound SH icons
Mobile sound SH
Printer icons
Printer SH icons
Printer SH
Phone icons
Phone SH icons
Phone SH
Shield icons
Shield SH icons
Shield SH
Spam icons
Spam SH icons
Spam SH
Globe icons
Globe SH icons
Globe SH
Web icons
Web SH icons
Web SH
Home page icons
Home page
Home page SH icons
Home page SH
Switch user icons
Switch user
Switch user SH icons
Switch user SH
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vAll of the icons above are available in the following image formats:

Messenger Icons for Vista - Example

Messenger Icons for Vista - Example

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