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History of the Internet on one page

Internet - a system of communication and information system at the same time, environment communication. History of the Internet begins approximately 60 years of XX century.

In 1969 the agency ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) do research in order to create an experimental network with packet switching. This network was established and has a very simple and ascetic name ARPANET, i e Network Agencies ... The network was built to study the technology independent transmission data stream in the communication system.

It is the successful development of a research project, we must ensure that the many organizations that participated in its creation, began to apply it in their everyday purposes, and in 1975 announced a pilot network working, and the responsibility for it was assigned to the DCA (Defense Agency communications USA). At the same time, specialists work to develop the foundations of TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol - Minutes of the management of transfer / Internet Protocol).

TCP / IP adopted as Military Standards (MIL STD) in 1983, after which all hosts (computers) connected to APRANET began to demand only work with those protocols. At the same time began to apply the term "Internet", while, as APRANET was divided into two separate networks: MILNET (Military Network) - unclassified part of the Defense Data Transmission Network (DDN) and new (reduced size) APRANET. The term Internet was used when the mean both at the same network.

In 1985, the National Science Foundation (NSF) took part in establishing its own network NSFNet, which was soon connected to the Internet. Initially, the NSF includes 5 super-computing centers, however, less than in APRANET, and the speed of data transmission in communication channels does not exceed 56 kbps. At the same time, the creation NSFNet a notable contribution to the development of the Internet, allowing for a fresh look at how you can use the Internet. Fund set a target that every scientist, every engineer in the United States was "plugging" a single network, and therefore started to build a network with faster channel, which would unite the numerous regional and local networks.

Not so long ago, in 1990 APRANET formally ended its existence, and after another 5 years, NSFNet ceased to play first violin in the orchestra of the Internet.

Internet has grown far beyond what was seen and designed, it has outgrown those agencies and organizations that he created, they are no longer able to play in the growth of its dominant role. Today it is a powerful worldwide communications network based on distributed switching elements - hubs and communication channels. Since 1983, the Internet is growing exponentially, and almost no detail is preserved in those days - the Internet is still working on the basis of a set of protocols, TCP / IP.

If the term "Internet" was originally used to describe a network built on the basis of the Internet Protocol IP, but now that word has acquired global significance, and only occasionally used as a name for a set of converged networks. Strictly speaking - the Internet, is any set of individual networks in the physical sense, which are connected by a single protocol IP, which allows you to talk about them as one logical network.

The rapid growth of Internet has caused an increased interest in protocols TCP / IP, and eventually appeared professionals and companies that are analyzing the record found for him and several other applications, primarily using the same protocol for the construction of local area networks (LAN - Local Area Network) even when not provided for their connection to the Internet. In addition, TCP / IP was used in the establishment of corporate networks, which have adopted internet technologies, including the WWW (World Wide Web) - World Wide Web, to establish effective exchange of internal information. These corporate network are called "intranet" and can be connected, or not be connected to the Internet.

Since 1990, the Internet, to some extent self-developing subject, as engineers say, it acts a positive feedback, ie to the extent that, as more resources (informational and physical) are available, so more people and companies seeking access to these resources.

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