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What is Pixel Art?

Artists who work with this style give various definitions, but the essence of them is that pixel art is a type of digital art created on the computer using raster image editing software where pictures are edited on a pixel level. Since this is a rather broad definition encompassing lots of graphical images, it can be extended with the limitation on the number of colors, the size of the picture and its expression. These limitations arouse because pixel art was initially used for drawing pictures for computer games, which must be colorful and efficient without requiring too much computer resources.

Currently, pixel art is actively used in games and applications for mobile phones and other portable devices, often used for internet websites and continues to attract attention. Drawing of high quality pixel graphics is quite difficult and not everyone who can draw, can do it professionally.

There are two trends exist in pixel art: isometry and non-isometry. Isometry is like drawing in 3d but without any actual 3d-processing – such graphics is drawn under a specific angle in a specific projection. This graphics is widely used in games. Non-isometry is, well, everything else.

An activity that has become very popular recently is drawing of dollz. Imho, it’s a separate trend in pixel art, on level with isometry. Many people start to draw with dollz and then develop interest and skills to draw other kind of pictures. A doll is drawn using a base, which can be made by yourself or other person (in this case, a link to the author website is considered good tone). So, the base contains face and body without hair and dress. Everything other must be drawn and the more accurately, beautiful and original it is done, the better.

People who draw dollz are sometimes called dollers. I’d like to add also that this hobby shouldn’t be treated with disdain because this type of art requires skill and imagination. If you like such graphics, you can try to draw it yourself. Everybody is able to learn to draw this way.

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Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

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Large Weather Icons Large Weather Icons represent a number of weather conditions that are common for software, weather portals, and mobile gadgets. The images are supplied in typical resolutions standard to Windows, Mac OS, and mobile devices. The largest versions are huge 512x512 pixel images with vector sources in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format easily available and ready to be printed or used in presentations in highest resolution.

Vista Toolbar Icons Vista Toolbar Icons will give a variety to your interface replacing the regular icons with fine-looking royalty-free icons in Vista style. The icons have bright colors and well-finished edges.

Standard Business Icons Standard Business Icons is a collection of great-looking royalty-free icons to be used in applications and on web pages. Icons are presented in such categories as Money, Finances, Reports, Transport and Business.

Medical Toolbar Icons Develop great-looking software for hospitals, private doctors and health insurance companies with a set of Medical Toolbar Icons. The collection contains icons for Ampoule, Syringe, Doctor, Nurse and so on.

Large Commerce Icons If you are interested in a modern and stylish design for you e-commerce software, think about using icons in large sizes. Large Commerce Icons pack by Aha-Soft is exeactle what you need. This set guarantees the best appearance to all your projects.