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IX things to do in Rome

I. Go through the city with a map ... ... Get lost and remove it straight to hell. Because walk through the historical center of Rome for a premeditated route is virtually impossible. Small narrow streets, flowing one into another, the abundance of areas, crossroads and impressive monuments, giving rise to a magnetically, make movement on the scheme is incredibly difficult. Trying to follow the planned program, you have 20 minutes later realize failure of the idea, because literally every 10-15 meters off the beam. In general, better leave this venture, relax and wander at your leisure on those streets on which you will bring flair.

II. Drink from the fountain Many guidebooks write about that in Rome you can drink straight from the fountains on the street. For Muscovites, impermeable to water ten filters before you boil it for tea, it seems like nonsense. However, in the Old Rome is true - the water in the fountains, at least in the city center, arrives on the water system, built by the ancient Romans and restored in the Renaissance. Since then, nothing has changed. And the fact that in ancient Rome to the city's water needs are not taken from the river and from mountain springs, leaves no doubt as to its suitability for drinking.

III. Eating ice cream One could say that ice cream - is one of the symbols of the city. It is surprisingly tasty, sold almost at every corner in institutions with a sign Gelateria and costs from two to six euros. For six euros you can afford this dairy depravity: a huge, convoluted tubule wafer put four balls of any ice cream of your choice, and then sprinkled and sprinkled them with whatever you like, from chocolate chips and chopped nuts and ending with pieces of flavored syrup fresh fruit. However, in very hot weather, buying a delicacy, is carefully calculate their strength - is melting it is somehow much faster than our ice-cream and choc.

IV. Photograph Asians have "Set Truth

"Mouth of Truth" (La Bocca Della Verita) by the wall of the church Santa Maria in Cosmedin ever since the movie "Roman Holiday" has consistently popular with tourists. Photographed near hyped by Versace image shaggy head with open mouth, they claimed, would bite off the hand of a liar, they want many. In fact, visiting the monument is not so cheerful event. Sculpture fenced grid, and to approach her, you half an hour to stand in long queues. At the same time everyone waited impatiently glances fly rest fotopalomnikov. Most of them Japanese, Chinese and other Asians, who thronged the huge delegations, so that if you try to click the stone statue through the bars of the lattice is likely to fall into the frame just Asians.

V. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain In every city there are rituals "that much to throw" and "that someone to rub" in order to realize the dream into reality. Such a place in Rome - the Trevi Fountain. Of course, throwing a coin into it should not Aby as a strictly defined order: turning to the fountain back, clenched his eyelids, his right hand over your left shoulder. Only in this way and not otherwise. I opened my eyes when incurred manipulation, you are likely to cross the eyes with some kid comes from friendly African countries. Around the fountain oshivaetsya lot of obscure individuals. Most active of them sell flowers and souvenirs, others simply click seeds, enthusiastically discussing the passing girls and escort them look every coin, recessed extravagant dreamers. However, no one climbs into the water to collect deposits of tourist treasures. And all because the fountain is constantly on duty two or three vigilant guardian of order.

VI. Coffee in the cafe ... Coffee in Italy is very good. So much so that, having tried it, say, a cappuccino, you rashochetsya drink it anywhere else. In cafes and restaurants in the historic center of Rome a cup of coffee will cost 2,5-4 euro. But eat the flavored drink you with views of the majestic city. However, the opportunity to save a little still there. For example, in the Cafe friends (Via della Scorfa, 60) guests ordering drinks in a free buffet, which includes marinated olives, vegetable salad, diced salami, sweet little puff. Thus, while enjoying a cup of coffee, you can still eat, and absolutely free.

By the way, ordering coffee in a restaurant or cafe, be careful. If you ask for coffee, you will bring strong espresso in a small cup in one gulp. To get a great cup of coffee, I must say americano.

VII. Trying to escape from the Senegalese to Piazza Navona One of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome - Piazza Navona. On it are three striking fountain with sculptures of Bernini, among which are numerous artists and their works, the fortune-teller, souvenir sellers, musicians. Among this crowd wandering affable Senegalese. Typically, they are only interested in girls. Fits a guy approaches a tourist, and, smiling good-naturedly, asked in broken English: "Where are you, beautiful?" Receiving the answer, with a significant nods, takes her hand and, still smiling radiantly, with unparalleled agility entwine wrist FENXKI of multi-colored synthetic yarn: "In memory of Rome as a gift." However, when the last knot tied, so much so that you can only withdraw with scissors, a master requires compensation - five euros. And he wanders to his victim, pulling her hands and calling witnesses in their colleagues, while she did not pay.

VIII. Ride on a bus When you're already tired to death, and neosmotrennyh attractions, according to the map, even a dime a dozen - take the bus, plying on the old center. Results for one euro you can see the most popular tourist sites, because many of them, including the Colosseum and the Castle of St. Angela, are right at the roadway. To take a bus, you must vote at the bus stop, if you just stand, he will pass by. To exit, you should press a special button. With regard to the fare, the tickets can be purchased at the newsstand, and entering the bus, they must be "noted" in a special apparatus, similar to those that are currently installed in public transport in Moscow. At the same time stamped on the travel date and hour at which to start the countdown. The ticket is valid for one euro for 75 minutes on any public transport, for four euros - is designed for the whole day and an unlimited number of trips.

IX. Wave to the Pope Standing on the square facing the San Pietro Cathedral, you'll see on the right of the colonnade, rectangular building. The third window from the edge - the rooms of the Pope, in any case, so tell tourists guides. In the evenings, often in the window light is.

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