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Image sizes: 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
File formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO

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Why Do You Need to Use PNG File Format in Your Website Designs?

The advanatges of using PNG file format in website creation over various other file types such as GIF and JPEG; the file type can be use to make bettergood and spectacular images that will prove alluring to your consumers.

The PNG file type was introduced a few years back; it was put forth in the marketlfor consumers around 95/96 to meet the deficiencies of the traditional GIF imageformat. However, it did not catch on because the early browsers were unable to support the progrresiveLstate of the art features of PNG so website designers and makers were forced to include it in their designs stingily. One of the major blocks standing in the way of PNG was with Microsoft's flagship product, Internet Explorer which was the most well known and widely used browsers of that period; IE had little or no provision for PNG support which meant that the format could only be used to a bare minimum. the scene metamorphosed when IE7 was brought out; this new product from Microsoft has aided in increasing the utility of PNGs. So lets take a look at three reasons why PNG is one of the the most innovative image formats around today:

It is possible to create see through images or alpha transparency: When you pitch GIF against PNG, you will see that one of the major differences is that you will only be able to save any odd color as transparent in GIF this equates to the fact that the color can be used regardless of it being opaque or transparent with nothing in betweenbut when you use PNG, you get adistinct feature over GIF; because the format is capable of producing semi transparent pixels. This feature gives you the ability to save a PNG image with a soft drop shadow and then float it against any background. You can also use the image as a watermark or a gradient background. The image file type lets you incorporate the slow fading ofhues from completely opaque to se through, and hence you will be able to view the webpage that lies in the background

They lookfabulous: Apart from the fact, that you get amazing flexibility wit PNG images ; there are numreous other benefit to including this format. For example, when you use a JPEG image, you lose a portion of the details from the original file every time the file is saved, so eventually, you will notice a conspicuous downgrade in the quality of the media. Even if, this issue has now been sortedbeen resolved in in the file type and it is possible to store the files without losing any information, GIF has a highly restrictive 256 color palette, which rendersimpart it quite useless if you want to store a snap shot. However, with PNG, you could get the perfect features of of the image formats; you get a a full color display like with JPEG images and it also}{supports| provides|offers} managed color palette {like|a la| as seen in} GIF files. {Also|At the same time|Another advantage is that} the {compression|storage} of the {file|image|picture} is {lossless|sans loss|without loss} so the {image|picture|photograph} {stays put|stays as it is|does not change} {regardless of how many time you save it|despite innumerable times of saving the file|even if you save the file several times}.

{PNG is self optimizingL Self Optimization is possible in PNG|PNG allows for self optimization}: {One of the hurdles| A major concern|A serious problem} that web {designers|pogrammers} {face|have to tackle|need to handle} {on a daily basis|frequently|veryoften} is the {fact that|issue where|the anomaly due to which} {the contrast and the brightness of the monitor|the brightness and the contrast ratio of the screen|the contrast and brightness of the commuter screen} has to be {adjusted|changed|regulated} to see the {images|pictures|the display} {properly|correctly|appropriately}; {this happens|this problem occurs|the issue comes into the picture} due to {the Gamma settings of different monitors|various Gamma setting used in monitors from different vendors|the difference in the Gamma setting used for the different monitors}. {Gamma|Gamma setting} is a {method|technology|technique} {used|incorported|that helps} to {distribute|scatter|spread} the {luminance|brightness|the light} across the {display surface|screen|monitor display}. However, {different|various|diverse} operating systems use {varying|distinct|a variety of} Gamma settings. {So|Hence|Therfore}, {an image|multimedia|a picture} that is color corrected {for|to suit| specifically for} Windows {may not look right on a|may appear abnormal|will seem wrong when seen on} Mac. {Again| Here again| Once again}, in this {case|situation|scenario} the {versatile|innovative|flexible} PNG {format|image type|picture format} {comes to the rescue|can prove useful| can help you out}, in PNG, you can {save|store} the {images|pictures|files} with {a built in Gamma correction|an inherent Gamma correction feature|with a Gamma correction feature that is innate} so {regardless of the operating system|whatever operating system you are working on|despite the differences in operating systems}; the Gamma settings will be {automatically adjusted|changed on its own|be realigned} to {display|show} {an image|a file|a picture} with the {perfect|amazing|impressive} {contrast and brightness|brightness and contrast| ratios of contrast as well as brightness}.

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Business Icon Set Business Icon Set. A collection of all-purpose icons with various symbols for the business environment for use with your software or on your website.

Small Toolbar Icons Small Toolbar Icons will give new life to your project's GUI and greatly improve your product or website. This icon set includes everything you need to finish your project's design.

Vista Toolbar Icons Vista Toolbar Icons. A collection of practical and eye catching icons representing all basic operations required for surfing the internet or using various applications.

Medical Icons for Vista Medical Icons for Vista has been created to avoid any misconceptions arising while looking at a medical webpage or operating a medical software. The icons are available in numerous sizes and formats.

Large Commerce Icons If you are looking for a contemporary and attractive design for you e-commerce software, think about using icons in large sizes. Large Commerce Icons set by Aha-Soft is exeactle what you need. This set guarantees the best appearance to all your products.