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Coronavirus Outbreak Icons is a collection of flat icons related to Covid-2019 influenza pandemy and pneumonia, medical treatment and biohazard. These vector and PNG files use bright and dark gray (#333333) colors.

These icons come in all popular formats and sizes, so you'll certainly find the one suiting your needs. The icons are delivered in sizes 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 and also 512x512. Icons have several raster formats, such as ICO, ICNS, PNG, and BMP. PNG images are available in 1024x1024 sizes. Versions are: normal and disabled (light gray).

Source vector icons are available in SVG format. SVG size: 1024x1024, object size:960x960.

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Coronavirus Outbreak icon

Coronavirus Outbreak Icons

Coronavirus icons
No coronavirus icons
No coronavirus
Forbidden handshake icons
Forbidden handshake
Toilet paper roll icons
Toilet paper roll
Hand with pills icons
Hand with pills
Mouth breath icons
Mouth breath
No handshake icons
No handshake
Stop coronavirus icons
Stop coronavirus
Patient infection icons
Patient infection
Lungs icons
Bird flu infection icons
Bird flu infection
Vaccination v2 icons
Vaccination v2
Nose flu sikness icons
Nose flu sikness
Swine flu v2 icons
Swine flu v2
Do not touch icons
Do not touch
Disinfect coronavirus icons
Disinfect coronavirus
Doctor icons
Biohazard icons
Influenza virus icons
Influenza virus
Social isolation icons
Social isolation
Infected nose icons
Infected nose
Explore coronavirus icons
Explore coronavirus
Hand infection icons
Hand infection
Axenic v2 icons
Axenic v2
Done vaccination icons
Done vaccination
Viral pneumonia icons
Viral pneumonia
Swine flu icons
Swine flu
Disinfection shower icons
Disinfection shower
SARS virus v2 icons
SARS virus v2
Hospital building icons
Hospital building
SARS virus v3 icons
SARS virus v3
No rat icons
No rat
Mourning ribbon icons
Mourning ribbon
Emergency car icons
Emergency car
Coronavirus v2 icons
Coronavirus v2
Empty syringe icons
Empty syringe
Microscope v2 icons
Microscope v2
Evil bacteria icons
Evil bacteria
Flea control icons
Flea control
Flea fist strike icons
Flea fist strike
Flea pesticide icons
Flea pesticide
Flea icons
Forbidden pork icons
Forbidden pork
Full icons
Get rid of fleas icons
Get rid of fleas
Glad bacilla icons
Glad bacilla
HIV virus icons
HIV virus
Hospital icons
Human flu virus icons
Human flu virus
Human nose icons
Human nose
No bats icons
No bats
Infected patient warning icons
Infected patient warning
Infection virus icons
Infection virus
Intestinal parasite icons
Intestinal parasite
Kill flea icons
Kill flea
Labs microscope icons
Labs microscope
Lung cancer icons
Lung cancer
Lungs cancer icons
Lungs cancer
Lungs fluorography icons
Lungs fluorography
Lungs v2 icons
Lungs v2
Lungs x-ray photo icons
Lungs x-ray photo
Man vaccination icons
Man vaccination
Emergency van icons
Emergency van
Mental parasite spider icons
Mental parasite spider
MERS virus icons
MERS virus
Micro parasite icons
Micro parasite
Microbe antibiotic icons
Microbe antibiotic
Microbe icons
Microscope icons
Morgue mark icons
Morgue mark
Mortal virus icons
Mortal virus
No bacteria icons
No bacteria
No car washing icons
No car washing
No car icons
No car
No care hands icons
No care hands
No cargo delivery icons
No cargo delivery
No crow icons
No crow
No fee icons
No fee
No fees icons
No fees
No flea icons
No flea
No fleas icons
No fleas
No handshake v2 icons
No handshake v2
No handshake v3 icons
No handshake v3
No handshakes icons
No handshakes
No infection v2 icons
No infection v2
No infection v3 icons
No infection v3
No infection icons
No infection
No injection icons
No injection
No manage hand icons
No manage hand
No microscope icons
No microscope
No pig icons
No pig
No pork icons
No pork
No rats icons
No rats
No receipt icons
No receipt
Disinfection lamp icons
Disinfection lamp
No shit icons
No shit
No skeleton skull icons
No skeleton skull
No skull icons
No skull
No sneeze icons
No sneeze
No swine icons
No swine
No syringe icons
No syringe
No talking icons
No talking
No toilet paper icons
No toilet paper
No touch hand icons
No touch hand
No touch palm icons
No touch palm
No toxins icons
No toxins
No vomit icons
No vomit
Nose breath icons
Nose breath
Nose flu icons
Nose flu
Nose infection icons
Nose infection
Nose icons
Not infected icons
Not infected
Old grave icons
Old grave
Parasite encyclopedia icons
Parasite encyclopedia
Parasite microbe icons
Parasite microbe
Patient cough icons
Patient cough
Patient disinfection icons
Patient disinfection
Patient isolation icons
Patient isolation
Patient sneeze icons
Patient sneeze
Patient vaccination icons
Patient vaccination
Patient viruses icons
Patient viruses
People crowd icons
People crowd
Pesticide v2 icons
Pesticide v2
Pesticide icons
Pharmacy pills icons
Pharmacy pills
Pig head icons
Pig head
Pig plague icons
Pig plague
Pig icons
Pinned flea icons
Pinned flea
Pipette icons
Pork warning icons
Pork warning
Rat warning icons
Rat warning
Rat icons
Respiratory infection warning icons
Respiratory infection warning
Respiratory infection icons
Respiratory infection
Restricted hand icons
Restricted hand
Rubber gloves icons
Rubber gloves
Rumor icons
Sanitizer spray icons
Sanitizer spray
SARS virus warning icons
SARS virus warning
SARS virus icons
SARS virus
Scientist with flask icons
Scientist with flask
Scientist icons
Sick flea icons
Sick flea
Sneeze icons
Sneezing icons
Spiral bacillus icons
Spiral bacillus
Stethoscope icons
Stop bacilla icons
Stop bacilla
Stop flea icons
Stop flea
Stop infection v2 icons
Stop infection v2
Stop infection icons
Stop infection
Stop pig icons
Stop pig
Stop rats icons
Stop rats
Stop swine flu icons
Stop swine flu
Stop swine icons
Stop swine
Swine flu warning icons
Swine flu warning
Swine icons
Syringe v2 icons
Syringe v2
Syringe v3 icons
Syringe v3
Syringe v4 icons
Syringe v4
Syringe v5 icons
Syringe v5
Syringe icons
Therapy dropper icons
Therapy dropper
Total flea control icons
Total flea control
Vaccination icons
Vaccine v2 icons
Vaccine v2
Vaccine v3 icons
Vaccine v3
Vaccine icons
Vibrio cholerae icons
Vibrio cholerae
Viral toxin icons
Viral toxin
Virus carrier icons
Virus carrier
Virus container icons
Virus container
Virus distribution icons
Virus distribution
Virus drop icons
Virus drop
Virus hazard icons
Virus hazard
Virus quarantine icons
Virus quarantine
Virus replication icons
Virus replication
Virus shell icons
Virus shell
Virus icons
Viruses icons
Amoeba icons
Annelid worm icons
Annelid worm
Axenic icons
Bacilla icons
Bacillus icons
Bacteria icons
Bactericidal toxin icons
Bactericidal toxin
Bat virus icons
Bat virus
Biohazard marker icons
Biohazard marker
Bird flu virus v2 icons
Bird flu virus v2
Bird flu virus icons
Bird flu virus
Bird flu warning icons
Bird flu warning
Bird flu icons
Bird flu
Bird infection warning icons
Bird infection warning
Bird infection icons
Bird infection
Bird influenza warning icons
Bird influenza warning
Bird influenza icons
Bird influenza
Bird warning v2 icons
Bird warning v2
Bird warning icons
Bird warning
Blood pipette icons
Blood pipette
Botulinum toxin icons
Botulinum toxin
Breathe system icons
Breathe system
Chemical scientist v2 icons
Chemical scientist v2
Chemical scientist v3 icons
Chemical scientist v3
Chemical scientist icons
Chemical scientist
Chicken flu virus icons
Chicken flu virus
Chicken virus icons
Chicken virus
Chicken warning icons
Chicken warning
China map icons
China map
Chinese farmer icons
Chinese farmer
Chinese hieroglyph icons
Chinese hieroglyph
Chinese virus icons
Chinese virus
Chinese warning icons
Chinese warning
Coronavirus lecture icons
Coronavirus lecture
Coronavirus sickness icons
Coronavirus sickness
Coronavirus structure v2 icons
Coronavirus structure v2
Coronavirus structure icons
Coronavirus structure
Coronavirus v3 icons
Coronavirus v3
Coronavirus warning icons
Coronavirus warning
Cough icons
Dead flea icons
Dead flea
Deadly virus icons
Deadly virus
Death virus icons
Death virus
Dengue fever virus icons
Dengue fever virus
Digital mind icons
Digital mind
Dirt spot icons
Dirt spot
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All of the icons above are available in the following image formats: 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 and also 1024x1024.

stock icon image

Coronavirus Outbreak Icons - Example

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You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

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