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Create Your Own Icons for Free

Free Sib Icon Editor helps design, draw, edit and modify icons easily and without having to learn too many new tricks.

Developing a product that needs toolbar icons? Need small graphics to enhance a Web site? Or simply want to replace standard Windows desktop icons with something matching your own taste? You can do it all. Good news is that you have many different options. Bad news is that you'd have to pay for most of them.

Free Icon Editor

If you are a company with budget and time on your hands, you can order your very own, unique icons from a professional design studio. This way, you are getting unique icons no one else has. However, you are likely to pay a lot for the service.

Getting stock icons is cheaper and easier. You can choose among the many available companies and collections of icons such as Perfect Toolbar Icons and many others. The downside? You're still paying, though not that much, and getting icons that some other customers may also have.

You can also draw your very own images with one of the many graphic editors. One that does not cost anything is Sib Icon Editor by free-icon-editor.com. It's fast, easy, has very small footprint, and is completely, absolutely free. With Sib Icon Editor, you can design, draw, edit and modify icons easily and without having to learn too many new tricks. Unlike its bigger and more sophisticated competitors, Sib Icon Editor is specifically designed for working with small-size graphics such as toolbar icons, desktop icons, Windows and application icons.

If you don't feel like creating your own icons from the scratch, you can still get unique icons by ordering one of the ready-made sets and modifying images from it. You can rotate, flip, crop or shift images, add or erase pixels, replace colors, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, add shadows and transparency, copy and paste images, and do pretty much anything to add unique looks without starting from the scratch.

Sib Icon Editor is tiny, simple to learn and to use, completely free and inherently useful. Get yourself a copy from free-icon-editor.com!


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Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

 Icon Usage Agreement

Animal Desktop Icons This icon pack gets you a variety of icons top quality and high resolution. They are great to be used for customising your desktop, for application icons, on web pages, or even as toolbar icons.

Design Icon Set Design Icon Set is a library of royalty-free stock icons to be used in business and private products, including graphic editors and viewers. The icons have stunning colors and well-rounded edges.

Small Toolbar Icons Small Toolbar Icons will give new life to your interfaces and greatly improve your product or website. This icon pack contains everything you need to finish your project's design.

Business Icon Set Business Icon Set is a collection of fine-looking ready-made icons for use in software and on websites. They are delivered in a variety of formats, sizes and color schemes.

Standard Dating Icons Speed up development of online dating Web sites and software with ready-made Standard Dating Icons. The set contains more than sixty love icons created in a matching style.